A trip to London

I was recently invited down to London to take part in a photo shoot for a company called Corsage Creations. There sell all the fancy accessories for corsages, bridal bouquets and everything in between. I had such an amazing time I thought I'd tell you all about it.

My adventure started with me catching the train down to London on the Tuesday afternoon... I decided to upgrade myself to first class for an extra £30 ( I wanted to see if it was any swankier than standard!) Turns out the seats are A LOT comfier ( They actually move so you can sit up straight or lie back a little) I was served copious amounts of tea and biscuits, I had a little snack and even managed to squeeze in a sneaky Gin and Ginger Ale!

When I arrived at the hotel was greeted by Phillip, one of the other designers on the shoot, who had travelled up from Bournemouth! Turns out we were the first there, so we sat and chatted about all things floral till Hannah and James arrived for dinner.

In the morning Phillip and I made our way over to the Covent Garden Flower Market. Now I had never been here before so I wasn't really sure what to expect....It totally blew my mind! To start with it was MASSIVE, in the whole 9 years I have been a florist I have never ever seen so many flowers in one place! There were varieties of roses I had never even seen before. Anyway back to the photo shoot!!

Once we located our area we met up with Jens, The other floral designer who was located in Westminster, Caroline and Hannah from Purple Spotted media who organised the whole thing and James who s the owner of Corsage Creations. The aim of the shoot was to show off the new products that James had brought using the fresh flowers supplied by Dennis Edwards Flowers. I have to say Caroline and Hannah did a superb Job working with Dennis selecting some gorgeous materials for us to work with!

We spent the rest of day having a play with the new products and creating some items to be photographed. They would be shot by Karen Hatch who arrived at lunch to start photographing everything. At 4pm we packed up and boxed all the items up ready for transport because the next day they would be photographed again by Karen but this time rather than still life it would be in a lifestyle shoot!

I said my goodbyes and made my way back to Kings Cross Stations. I had a few hours to kill before my strain home so I took advantage of the upgrade I had paid for and headed to the Virgin train first class lounge to watch TV, read my book and drink tea!!

Check out some of the images of items i made below from the shoots!

Products from Corsage Creations

Photography by Karen Hatch

and a massive thanks to Caroline and Hannah from The Florist for organising the whole thing!