Team work makes the dream work!

Happy New Year everyone!! Can you believe its January already. We started off the year with a BANG. 2 Fantastic weddings on New Years Eve... But I will come back to those in another blog. Today Id like to give you a little insight into the processes of a large wedding and set up... the wedding in question? SJ and Julian at Le Petite Chateau on Saturday 6th January.

It's Tuesday 2nd January and I'm in the Studio. As you can imagine its very cold! However the cold can not stop me, I have a lot buckets to bleach and rinse then they need filled with water and flower food ready for tomorrows large flower delivery. So I spend most of the day preparing the buckets, sorting out the sundries and making sure our uniforms are clean and ironed... all things I don't want to think about later in the week!

Wednesday arrives and so does our huge delivery. This wedding is foliage based so we have a ton of Irish Green Guys foliage to get into water. This is hands down the best foliage around. Every stem is perfect and I've never seen foliage so fresh! The majority of my day is spent conditioning the flowers and doing our usual quality checks. The flower that have arrived have come mostly direct from the growers. The Arend Black Bacara roses are just to die for, so velvety and rich! The Mejier Four Season Rose are the perfect creamy rose to compliment- not too white, the hint of peach tones in perfectly with those dark burgundy Bacara! To add a hint of the season we also have some deep red Ranunculus and White Anemones... Delicious! Once this is done I usually start to prepare the containers and soak the floral foam ready to start making designs.

The flowers are going to spend the whole of Thursday drinking. Yes that's right, a whole day drinking. They have travelled along way and they need to be hydrated correctly before we start working with them... so lets fast forward to Friday!

Friday is MAKE MAKE MAKE day. We start at the crack of dawn, well 7am. I usually start with the bride and bridesmaids bouquets, this ensures the most perfect flowers will be used in the bridal party flowers. Then we work methodically through the list making everything that can be done off site (The Venue!) and loading the hired transit van as we go! Some items such as the floral canopy have to be made on site so we make sure all the elements and tools we need for this are boxed up and loaded. Debbi, my wonderful florist helper leaves at about 5pm, I think I get done at approx 8.30pm... off to bed ready for an early start!

This by comparison is a big wedding- by that I mean there are a lot of different elements that need taken into consideration when putting together the time scales for set up. We have two teams for this set up: Florists and Helpers. The first job upon arrival at the venue at approx 8am is to get the van and the car unloaded: Que the helpers! Alex and Sam arrive to help with the fetching and carrying while myself, Debbi and Lesley start to get organised inside.

Once unloaded we split off into two teams again. Team 1- Myself and Lesley: The floral canopy and Arch. Team 2- Debbi, Sam and Alex: The aisle and guest tables. By around 11.30am we are done! Everything is set up, we have a happy bride who loves her flowers and a happy team because all went to plan! Now did someone say lunch??