It's the little things

I seriously can not believe its June. Where have those 6 months gone?! We have been busy with some beautiful weddings. We also loved watching the Royal wedding, I mean who didn't. One thing that I read about after the wedding was the donation of the flowers to homes and hospice's. Well this got me thinking... We have been doing this for a good year now already but maybe we don't shout about it enough.

Flowers can be a powerful thing. Times of joy or sadness they are there making you smile. Thats why I feel its so important to share this love that I have. 

Quiet often after we have completed a job we have spare stems, maybe even just a bucket full of beautiful blooms. We have a local Hospice, St Oswalds. It really does have a special place in my heart. 

We don't really plan when we will be taking buckets in so I always make sure I have my scissors with me. It really is a simple carefree 30 minutes... Filling the vases, adding the flowers and spreading them round the seating areas. 

If we are proving your wedding flowers and youd like to donate some flowers to the hospice we can also collect some flowers the day after when we come for our vases and take them along for you.

Its the little things that can make all the difference to someone's day. Even if only one person smiles because of the blooms it has been worth it.