For the love of Peonies!

This is a flower known by all and loved by many. As a florist I have a love hate relationship with this beautiful bloom.

As a wedding florist it is not just my job to create gorgeous flowers for your wedding day but to also make sure they are at their prime and looking their best for that one day. Depending on the flowers chosen this could mean a delivery of flowers 4 days before your big day! Not only do they need to have a really good drink to recover from transport but they also need to open up! 

Now if Peonies are included on your list of florals that's a whole other ball game... for this I need my crystal ball! Que the hate part of this relationship. Although I can specify the ripeness of the flowers when they arrive to me, I can not control the weather and humidity. This in simple terms means I have no idea at what speed these flowers will open. What?! It has me on edge everytime... So I thought I would share some of this florist stress with you!

Lets go back to 2 weeks ago our blush pink Peonies were open in 2 days! 

Last weeks Pink and Burgundy STILL ARE NOT OPEN! 

Then...this weeks whites, half are open, half still closed!!