The Big Smoke

It has been a while since I spent Valentines week in a flower shop so when Mark of Bloomsbury Flowers asked me to join the team for the week I jumped at the chance and cleared the diary.

The quickest way from Newcastle to London is by train. Stress free travel and someone to do all the driving for you! I travelled down on the Sunday so I was there for the 7.30am start on Monday morning. So early I hear you say? That's a normal start time for a florist! There is always a lot to be done before the shop doors open to customers.

The team at Bloomsbury welcomed me in with open arms and after a couple of adjustments to my usual style I felt like I'd always worked there. After a mountain of flower boxes to go through we eventually got on to the design work.

We used to have a saying in our shop, "It doesnt matter who makes it as long as it gets done". This also stands at Bloomsbury. Prune, Rebecca, Claire and Nellie were just so lovely and allowed me to get my hands on a little bit of everything! 

I started off the week with flowers for Hotel Suites and Private houses . On Tuesday I was bundled into the van (Willingly! lol) by Stephen and Paul to head to a couple of the hotels they create  flowers for to do some maintenance and a new install. We even saw Brian May! (Oh to be in central London).

As we moved through the week we had the usual Valentine's Day orders but with an unusual twist...NO RED ROSES. Bliss! Since Mark and Stephen opened their shop in 1994 they vowed to not stock red roses at Valentine's. I'll be honest I was dubious but I think it's a bold move that completely works! They have a huge stand of the most gorgeous flowers which helps their clients think outside the box and choose something more original.

Towards the end of the week, after the madness of the 14th I had the absolute honour of creating bouquets for some of the principle dancers of the Royal Ballet. How awesome is that! These bouquets where the biggest I have ever made. To make this even more awesome they were presented on stage on opening night of Don Quixote. That is a seriously cool thing to be able to tell people (I've told a lot of people ha!)

I finished off my week with some large and beautiful vase displays for a wedding and a private film screening. You really can't get better than that!